Nate Kest’s “Cellphone” makes for an infectious offering

Detroit artist Nate Kest‘s offering “Cellphone” makes for an infectious listen, blending pop and indie influences for a vibrant cut. Kest grew up in a “yoga family” where he was guided by the teachings of his father, Jonny Kest, and his uncle, Bryan Kest, both of whom were early pioneers in bringing yoga practice from India to the United States. However, the artist’s focus since age 16 or 17 has been on pursuing music, and he notes that it has always been a ‘Plan A’ and that by choosing not to define a ‘Plan B’, he has been able to put his all into mindfully and intentionally developing his career. Now 23, he reflects on this path, saying, “Every year there has been a progression, my biggest motivator has always been my own potential”. Adding on to his growing discography of engaging, genre-bending offerings that feel vibrant and lively in their songwriting, “Cellphone” is a catchy, warm new song from the singer-songwriter.

On “Cellphone”, bright guitars build refreshingly beneath Kest’s present, calming vocals, before bouncy, sturdy percussion and rich bass create an enticing groove beneath. As the track takes on airy layers, its atmospherics are contrasted with a crisp trap drum line. Capped off by a solid hook that lingers in the listener’s mind long after the track’s completion, “Cellphone” is a drifting, emotive track that blends genres engagingly.

As Kest continues his run of versatile tracks into 2023, we are excited to watch his progression as he pulls in new influences, combining them crisply on “Cellphone”.

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