Nate Mars experiments with jungle & breaks on powerful new EP “In Time”

Nate Mars delves into the heart of bass music with his latest EP, In Time, a captivating exploration of drum and bass’s experimental and raw realms. Drawing inspiration from his early bass music influences, Mars skillfully captures the essence of classic DnB and rave while infusing a contemporary flair. The EP showcases Mars’s versatility, as seen in tracks like the title song “In Time,” “Starting Over,” and “Collect Call From,” where he not only pushes musical boundaries but also lays down heartfelt vocals and evocative lyrics.

Mars’s roots shine through, particularly with his adept use of the iconic TB-303 sound, intricately woven with analog hardware, looped vocals, and a persistent dark pop sensibility. Reflecting his evolution as an artist, “In Time” marks a return to classic drum breaks, rave stabs, and 90s piano riffs reminiscent of influential artists like Moby and The Prodigy. This EP promises an immersive journey, whether on the dancefloor or as a soundtrack to a late-night drive, showcasing Mars’s skill in crafting sonic landscapes that resonate both emotionally and rhythmically.

Over the past few years, I have experienced some great loss on a personal level and it led me to think a lot about the way living beings change over time. It also oddly led me to think about the coordinates of physical objects that once had deep meaning and lived for many years in close proximity to each other but are now dispersed. I wonder if those objects are still connected somehow and if they are somehow affecting the lives of the people who encounter them. These were among the thoughts often running through my head while I was creating this record.” – Nate Mars

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