Nathan Smoker delves into stuck in limbo in relationship "Swimming"

Nathan Smoker encapsulates the feeling of being stuck in limbo within a relationship on soulful offering “Swimming,” carried by his deep vocals, a smooth timbre cutting through a crisp soundscape of slow-build synths and pulsing rhythms. With a relatable message that thrums with the frustrations and vulnerability that accompany modern day relationships, the track is a dreamy yet grounded journey through stark emotions.

Crafted alongside producer and songwriter Joe Garrett, “Swimming” takes us through the anxiety and romanticism of people who are trying to find and understand each other as Smoker’s signature genre-defying style spanning everything from electronic to house comes into play, led by his strength of his voice.

Imbued with the suffocation of “swimming in a deep pool,” in search of acceptance and companionship yet bringing nuances of optimism with the layered sonics, the UK act fell in love with music at a young age, and has quickly refined and evolved.

Moving from musical theatre to more contemporary sounds, this latest track is one more milestone in the journey of the artist who has most recently found success on The Voice UK. Stocked with his love for various genres, Smoker moves closer to his goal of creating a body of work that connects with people yet captures his authentic artistic flair.

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