NAWAS share the hypnotic “Nevermind”

An artist’s creative output is naturally a sum of their influences. In the case of Nashville based duo NAWAS, it is a distinct coalescence of sounds, and moods, arranged in a manner that feels both genuine and entirely new. Lifelong friends each with vastly different musical approaches, their synergy is consistently apparent on their envelope-pushing stance on alt-pop.

Resurfacing with “Nevermind,” the duo continue to prove they can do no wrong. Starting out in a downtempo, almost folk-tinged atmosphere, the track unfurls into a soulful harmony between synthetic and organic apertures on alt-pop. The acoustic guitar that introduced the track seamlessly flows into transcendent soft synths, backed by a stadium-sized drumbeat. With that being said, the vocal storytelling takes front and centre, with the duo outlining in a recent press release, “We write music from a deeply personal perspective… we analyze, we distil feelings and moments we’ve experienced into 4-minute songs.”

The duo leads onto state that while their music is particular to their experiences, they “hope is that listeners take ownership in some way. Our art isn’t about change. It’s about finding comfort where we are and bringing everyone to the table.” 

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