néomí evokes tenderness on second EP ‘after’

Dutch folk-pop act néomí unveils captivating second EP after, rooted in the ups and downs of growing up. Framed by tenderness and honesty, the rising talent offers up heartfelt yet warm productions that manage to be light yet powerful on each note.

With an introspective core that sees her looking at her life from different perspectives, the EP has heavy undertones offset by feelings of soothing companionship to get you through the hard times of your own life.

Consisting of alluring releases like “I could never leave,” “skipping stones,” and “red balloon,” the EP’s final release “oh my darling,” captures the emotional entanglement of love, delving into the loss of two former lovers within an intricately woven soundscape.

Carrying the success of her 2022 debut EP before forward, néomí bares her soul on her latest project, further cementing her rising star status.

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