Newton Faulkner puts his own spin on Christmas classics with EP ‘Christmas Light’

Acoustic folk-rock musician Newton Faulkner puts his own spin on Christmas music with four-track EP Christmas Light, bringing the warmth, love and emotion of the festivities with a fresh modern twist led by his deep vocals. Tapping into his signature blend of folk, pop, rock and genres in-between, the EP gives your Christmas playlist an experimental touch.

Opening with the acoustic guitar-led “Driving Home For Christmas” featuring Chris Rea’s niece, Cat Rea, he balances soft vocals and gentle soundscapes that encapsulate the comfort of returning home for the holidays with his own story-telling approach to song writing.  Challenging himself by adding newness to well-loved Christmas classics, Faulkner’s heart-warming take on “Winter Wonderland” brings the festive spirit alive led by joyful instrumentals.

Infused with playful harmonies and laughter from Scottish TikTok star Nati Dredd, the track will put an instant smile on your face with its natural energy, before another festive treat in the form of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” takes over. The fun-loving vibes of this track is balanced against the delicate lull of “River,” wrapping us up in the love and happiness that forms the crux of the festive season.

Taking a minimalist folksy approach framed by his charming delivery, the EP channels Faulkner’s love for sonic exploration and evolution that he’s always managed to showcase whether on his debut album Hand Built By Robots or his most recent body of work Interference (Of Light). Keeping up a DIY spirit to his productions while still pushing at his own boundaries, Christmas Lightis yet another example of the UK musician’s ability to craft grounding music that people can be fully invested in.

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