NEZI displays soulful elegance in new single “Floating”

Soul music is at a beautiful and evident conflux of past and present, embroidering its rich history onto the sonic garments of artists like Brooklyn’s NEZI, whose latest piece “Floating” is a jewel-studded stunner. The brand new single is a sweet concoction of R&B, soul, and nu-soul elements, spiced with hints of city grit and love-emergent fantasies. “Floating” draws you in with a slick guitar riff and reveals behind a rich passion-red fog the velvety vocals of NEZI, enchanting and full of treasures to be discovered.

“Floating” takes its time revealing each piece of its puzzle: gorgeous harmonies that linger, a subtle vocal flow like a cool river, and a bass that swells and slips deeper into the heart of the listener. Once the puzzle is complete, a picture of love is apparent, the sort of picture that reveals the artist in the same way it reveals its spectator. NEZI is keen on keeping the soul of soul music bare, showcasing its old and its new aspirations for the listening landscape of today, its place secure in the hands of capable artists.

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago and now residing in the concrete blossom of Brooklyn, NEZI adds to her music the influences of urbanism and the grit of worlds known truly only to some. In the refrains of “Floating” exists the passion of an artist ready for her moment in vogue, where the emeralds and rubies of her work will form part of a tapestry of soul music we all continue to marvel at.

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