Nick Black really wants to see you “I.R.L”

It’s fair to say that Tennessee artist Nick Black is fed up with all the Zoom calls, FaceTime’s and Skype Sessions. Living life through a lens has taken its toll on Black and all he wants is to see you in the flesh. His latest single “I.R.L” or otherwise known as “In Real Life” details the simplicity of face-to-face communication, which even before our current crisis, was so often replaced by social media. There’s nothing quite like catching up with a friend over a drink, hugging a loved one, or simply going to a workout class – all things we are craving in isolation. 

“I.R.L” shimmers with funky guitars, alluring melodies and velvet vocals that make you weak at the knees. The flirtatious lyrics, combined with vibrant, colorful tones creates a truly euphoric release. “I.R.L” is reminiscent of the likes of Zak Abel and Rex Orange County – artists who breathe life into their music through animated soundscapes and a distinct vocal timbre. Black has concocted a captivating sound with a narrative that we can all relate to. 

Nick Black has perfected his niche in the industry and with confidence he’s delivering it to audiences with the intention to provide aural relief in a time of need. Though we still can’t connect with most of our nearest and dearest I.R.L, we can at least fantasize about it through this summer anthem.

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