Nick Marks drops a genre-bending groove with “Touché Hombre”

Nick Marks recently released his latest single, “Touché Hombre,” which showcases a perfect blend of jazz, neo-soul, and hip-hop infused with the unmistakable swagger of G-funk. This track challenges conventional music genres and demands attention from music connoisseurs. The track is a teaser for his upcoming EP, Cinematic Chromatics Vol—II, which is set to release in late May.

The track offers a symphony that represents a journey through the Cinematic Chromatics universe, as Marks seamlessly merges diverse elements with the help of synths, hooks, and ear candy. The musicality of “Touché Hombre” is a perfect representation of D’Angelo teaming up with Parliament Funkadelic under the guidance of Herbie Hancock on the funky streets of Motown.

The track is uplifting, sexy, and timeless, guaranteed to put a smile and bounce in your step. The funk in the track is irresistible and will make you pull the ‘bad stank’ face, reminding you why funk is timeless.

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