Nick Rose is “WANDERING” in new video

Connecticut artist Nick Rose has shared a new video for his single “WANDERING”. Rose, born Nicholas William Constantini, began writing songs at the young age of 12 in the confines of his bedroom, inspired by personal tribulations and his love for pop culture. Since, Rose has established himself as an exciting, genre-bending songwriter within his home state of Connecticut and beyond, co-founding his own imprint called DONT TRIP RECORDINGS LLC. With a versatile discography that frequently finds him combining genres and influences, Rose’s artistry cannot be boxed in to one sound or style- especially evident on his dance and alt-pop infused release “WANDERING”. Accompanied by a refreshing new visual directed by Katt Burgundy that tells the song’s story in a gripping fashion through a series of vivid, detail-rich frames, “WANDERING” is a release that stimulates with infectious, colorful energy.

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“WANDERING” opens with a lively synth line that gives way to pumping, vital drums, creating an engaging groove that Rose rides with ease. His energizing vocals command the attention of the listener, as they build dynamically into an ear-worm chorus that demonstrates his penchant for memorable hooks that contain a sing-along quality. The new video makes for a stellar accompaniment, painting the song’s story with vibrant shots that enhance its off-the-wall sonics and subtle feeling of yearning. It depicts Rose pursuing a girl in front of kaleidoscopic, disorienting backdrops, almost reaching her but never quite coming in contact. Then at the end, when both Rose and the viewer have nearly lost hope, she comes to him- meeting him in a cafe, before the video’s culmination. It does well to illustrate the song’s lyrical content and capture the longing and urgency it conveys, while adding a playful element for balance.

The latest from Nick Rose, “WANDERING” makes for an action-packed, colorful offering that leaves no dull moments.

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