Nico Savaro addresses loneliness on new single "Ghosted"

LA's Nico Savaro has shared a new single called "Ghosted", featuring SoLonely. Inspired by feelings of restlessness and desperation during the pandemic, this is a relatable cut that showcases Savaro's eclectic sound. Blending ethereal pop stylings with electronic and hip-hop influences, this track conjures an enigmatic mood.

Living up to its namesake, the instrumental for "Ghosted" is elusive and mysterious. Surreal keys add a psychedelic element, underscored by subtly eery synths. The percussion is low-key and somewhat ambient, yet an engaging bass line ties the rhythm section together and keeps the groove tangible. Savaro and SoLonely come through with some heartfelt, poignant vocals containing thoughtful songwriting, as they explore topics such as loss and loneliness.

Following his debut album Good Energy from earlier this year, Savaro keeps expanding his sound with each offering. This latest track's emotionally potent melodies and themes tie together nicely with this track's somber instrumentation, making for an engaging, intriguing release.

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