Nicole Chambers will have you falling in love with yourself on “Warm Body”

It's one thing to love yourself on the days you like what you see in the reflection, but to love yourself on the days your vision feels clouded by insecurity takes intentional effort. An ode to seeing one’s divinity within, “Warm Body” by Toronto soul songbird Nicole Chambers is all about choosing to appreciate the magic in oneself. Reminding us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Chambers finds the strength to choose herself over others’ acceptance on “Warm Body”.

A delicious neo-soul soundscape and ethereal string arrangements provides a celestial stage for Chambers to grace. The exquisite sonic aura makes the most of Chamber’s soprano runs, her hums melting into our souls like a candle on a winter evening. With cinematography just as impressive as her vocal range, the video for “Warm Body” brings Chamber's poetic opulence to life fully.

The lush visuals for “Warm Body” point to a rare type of elegance found in vulnerability. “The video is an ode to honouring my curves, stepping into my power while having the support and love from my girlfriends.” Chambers explains. Surrounded by women of all colours and physiques, she sways and dances, metaphorically embracing her femininity and letting go of both the external and internal burdens placed on herself. With careful attention to the details, the Roya DelSol-directed video employs crystals, nude shades of silk, and lavender petals to symbolize organic beauty.

Awaken the goddess within on “Warm Body” above.

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