Nikki Nair adds to impressive track record with ‘Power Tool’ EP

Following a year of impressive releases, Nikki Nair has released a four-track EP via DIRTYBIRD. With the label claiming to “almost never put out a four-track EP,” it’s evident that this one is something special. An intense crossover between breaks, drum and bass, electro and beyond, Nair has carved a sound that has set him apart from the rest.

The Power Tool EP consists almost of two halves; two peak-time, outrageously filthy tracks, and two which sit on the more laid-back, leftfield side of things. Nair is one of the few who manages to produce both with such a unique flair — “3XL” and “In My Car” are the latter of the two. “3XL” utilises distorted vocals and acid melodies over a bubbling bassline to create a serene, dream-like soundscape. One best enjoyed from the comfort of your own bed, “3XL” will send you spinning, head first. “In My Car” incorporates more heavily warped vocals, this time pairing them with subtle breaks, zips and whirls to create a futuristic soundtrack perfect for any car journey (and all other occasions).

Things get ramped up a few notches in “Automatic” and “Power Tool” — if you’re looking for weapons of dancefloor destruction, these are the tracks for you. This is also the time when Nair’s signature sound really shines through; those screw-your-face-up wobbles are what we’ve come to love and expect from the American DJ and producer. “Automatic” kicks off with bouncy breaks and repetitive vocals before breaking down into an immensely bass-heavy moment. It’s twisty, mind-bending, and to be frank — rude (in the best way possible).

“Power Tool” is an easy stand out on a stellar release, and  really is one of those tunes that we can’t wait to hear do the rounds when the clubs reopen. Extremely weighty on the bass and the breaks from the get-go, “Power Tool” doesn’t stop going in from the second it starts. We’ve never missed a Funktion One soundsystem more.

Power Tool can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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