Nina Nesbitt paints a vivid portrait on new song “Colours of You”

Nina Nesbitt‘s delicate, distinctive voice and heartbreakingly vulnerable songwriting never misses.

Her new song, “Colours Of You,” is so detailed and nuanced. “You’re brown-eyed girls Cobain meets Morrissey, red wine and cigarettes, as you watch me paint,” she sings over the gentle piano. It’s a window into her life. It’s so specific but feels so universal. The soft orchestration that builds perfectly, the haunting strings, it’s all so heartbreaking.

“If a person was a painting, then this song would be the color palette that creates the picture,” Nina explains, “Falling in love is such a sensory experience, whether it be the scent someone wears, a favorite song you both listen to, the places you visit, the way they feel. Everyone has unique things about them, but you only get to see them when you dive deep.” It’s such a poetic way to see someone and she captures that essence so well.

The accompanying video, directed by Natalie Sakstrup, echoes those intimate themes. It emphasizes the beauty in the small, candid moments. She retraces the steps in London that led her to the romance. The camera focuses on Nina, giving it a nostalgic feeling. It completely transports the viewer into her world.

Nina Nesbitt’s previous album, ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change,’ gained her a global fanbase and a shoutout from Taylor Swift. The album amassed half a billion streams and propelled her into the next phase of her career. Her highly-anticipated album ‘Älskar’ is out on September 2nd.

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