Nitefire release a nostalgic video for “Uptight” [Video]

The duo Nitefire gallivant around the city sporting beaded bracelets and necklaces in their newest music video for their latest single, “Uptight”. The nostalgic-feeling visual video is fashionably retro and feels straight out of a late 90s, lightheaded cinematic flick.

The two friends hailing from San Fernando Valley have about two years of putting in work under their belt. Nitefire (Nico Geyer [guitar, vocals] and Luke White [bass]) released their song, “Uptight”, on June 25th. The indie-rock spin is produced by Reece Weinberg.

Ben Elias, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker working under the wings of Elara Pictures (Safdie Brothers’ production venture), shot and directed the visual. The fun images are grainy and choppy, with low shutter speed, wide-angled shots. The fellas roam New York City with colorful beaded bracelets struggling to sort of sell their product. The music video is a polar opposite production then the title at hand for it’s nowhere near an ‘uptight’ nature.

These two scream charisma and youth in this video. As the wailing electric guitar of the production comes to a screeching halt in the song, the video ends as their evening out-and-about doesn’t really pan out as successfully as they intended.

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