Noah Chenfeld drops romantic end of summer reflection “In Our Room”

NYC based indie rock artist Noah Chenfeld just released his new single and video for “In Our Room.” The songwriter, who combines conceptual lyricism and stripped back sonics for an offbeat, free flowing respite from ordinary life, is gearing up for his new album, Same Streets, Different City.

“In Our Room” uses hazy, diluted sonics to capture fleeting moments of bliss as Noah Chenfeld narrates a breezy, oceanside love story. Laid back and airy on the surface, Chenfeld conveys a deeper meaning as he narrates a story of a relationship that took place during an unprecedented time. Lifted acoustics intermingle with soft percussion to produce an atmospheric, wandering vibe.

Chenfeld celebrates a type of love that everyone can remember with lyrics such as, “I woke up early every morning / and left you coffee by the bed / outside it seemed the world was ending / but in our room we laughed away the dread.” The songwriter eloquently delves into the safety and solace that can be found in our bedrooms, and even more so, through the eyes of another person.

The accompanying video for “In Our Room” was filmed in Long Island and directed by Ben Klein (The Exiles). It follows Chenfeld as he visits cherished pastimes, preoccupied with the memories of his beloved while permeating a sweet air of innocence and young love. Paying homage to the beautiful moments that soon become memories, Chenfeld’s muse is clear.

Noah Chenfeld has millions of streams as a solo artist. He is also a member of the indie-rock project Rebounder and has collaborated with Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood. His upcoming LP Same Streets, Different City is a collection of “born-here-still-here bonafides”, which we can’t wait to put our ears on. Watch and listen to Noah Chenfeld’s “In Our Room” and softly drift away, reimagining distant fantasies of yesterday.

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