Noah Cunane unleashes new anthem “Miami” [Video]

Rising pop singer Noah Cunane has been steadily growing his fan base with the release of five different singles, and is now dropping what is undeniably his most complete track to date. “Miami” is that track, a song about love at first sight that is so anthemic it nearly etches a memory in the listener’s brain.

Backed by only an acoustic guitar and a light bass, Cunane crafts an almost larger than life chorus; he discusses meeting a girl from Miami who he can only hope to see again. The story itself is universal, and the descriptions and execution of the narrative across the song’s three minutes make “Miami” special. The lyrics are effective at placing the listener in Cunane’s shoes while he discusses fleeting love. 

The visuals, paired with the song’s release, show Cunane at a party with people covered in dirt; regardless of the partygoers’ intriguing appearance, the singer is not concerned with them, as he only shows interest in a girl. The video could have easily seen the singer at a beach in Miami singing to a love interest, but instead focuses on evoking the song’s same emotion. The brief romance isolates both parties from the rest of the world, making this song one that unravels its relatability as it’s played. 

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