nobody nobody are no longer nobodies

Maybe a tacky headline, we know, but the duo nobody nobody has instantly solidified a name for themselves after only after releasing their first single, “SAD!” into the world. Following the successful debut, nobody nobody has come out with their new drop, “NOTMYFAULT”.

These two friends from California, Wyatt and Austin, arrived at their career’s inauguration in late July with “SAD!” and did numbers. The single streamed over 100k in just three months on Spotify. This new high energy single piggybacks off the group’s early vibe, with a mellow bounce on this drum beat. The intelligent wit in the lyrics is the perfect script for a summer drive with the windows down. The vibe is constructed by the melodic, nostalgic rapping style that holds parallels to that of the BROCKHAMPTON boys or even Remi Wolf.

“NOTMYFAULT” is the second single and the title track of an upcoming EP. With only two songs to their name, they have everyone on their knees for more music.

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