Nocloud dives deep into his psyche on “Half Pint”

Straight out of Chicago, Illinois comes genre-fluid act Nocloud who unabashedly displays his love for metal and trap music.  It was a fascination with Marilyn Manson which brought him into music, but it was an Explosions in the Sky concert which made him realize making music was what he wanted to do for a career. On his new record titled “Half Pint,” he makes use of a dark ominous texture akin to hard rock over a bouncy trap drum arrangement, effortlessly blending the genres in his own unique manner.

“Half Pint” sees him dwelling on personal themes such as addiction and struggles with mental health, his delivery is particularly eclectic and goes against the grain in many ways. Armed with a bassy growl, his vocal presence is as menacing as famed horror film actor Vincent Price. He doesn’t sugarcoat his flaws and shortcomings with lyrics like “…Call me vulnerable but you don’t really know me/I have been trapping since a kid wish I was born again/…Can’t see you today, I just caught a case…”

“Half Pint” is the follow up to his previous releases that include bass-heavy singles like “All Black” and “Bossy” featuring CHXPO. Constantly experimenting, nocloud is continuing to move forward as he works on his second full-length album. 

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