Nocturnal to showcase vulnerability on ‘She Needs Me’

LA-based musician Nocturnal is set to reveal the most vulnerable parts of himself on upcoming project She Needs Me, a dual exploration of the hip-hop act’s place in the genre, ranging from his struggles breaking in to his confidence as well as an intimate dive into a painful breakup.

“She,” in this project serves two purposes, one as an ex-girlfriend who broke him down. Second, as the personification of the genre which needs him as much as he needs it, hip-hop where he has carved a space for himself, which also empowered him to pick himself up and move ahead in life.

His third full-length is set to be crafted with the same blend of ingredients that his  recent release “Surrender,” has been, bringing together a delicate combination of sensitive lyricism, smooth rap and emotive delivery, packed with calming vibes and agony in equal amounts.

Using his soulful soundscapes as a means of healing, Nocturnal who was encouraged to finally step into his musical journey following the loss of a close friend, has built a sonic world rooted in raw feelings that draws listeners and gives them some much-need comfort and companionship – which is exactly what She Needs Meseems ready to offer us.

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