noelle succumbs to true love on "Forever Yours"

20-year-old R&B sensation noelle makes music to devour. Releasing her single "Forever Yours", the traack is a smooth, sultry single that showcases her honeyed vocals upon a melody line that is truly irresistable. 

Sitting comfortable in the songs about love category, the track is a sleek piece of pop/R&B from the Canadian artist. Noting the hints of jazz that fizz throughout the single, "Forever Yours" is a slow-burning track that tells the story of finding your soulmate and ultimately, reveals an artist that truly understands the way to build evocative melodies. The bass and slow beats are uniquely euphoric, encouraging those who listen to delve deep into their feels and connect this song to their very own special person. 

With the undeniable smooth-jazz vibes emitting from this single, it's no wonder noelle was recently a part of Spotify's RADAR program. With her promise to continue to release throughout the year, her debut album is set to be released next year. Bops galore.

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