Nonô releases the vibrant new single, “HONEST” [Video]

Blending Brazilian vibrancy with Gen Z pop allure, newcomer Nonô hits all the right notes. Dropping her new single, “HONEST”, the track’s heady beats and stellar production leaves you hooked on Nonô’s every last word. 

Providing everything you want in a pop anthem— empowering lyrics, infectious backdrop and a chorus to belt out— “HONEST” is a multicolored single dripping in sultry beats and bass pulses that leave you feeling like a total badass. “The song is about taking your power and your freedom back,” Nonô says. With its bold hues and matching visuals creating a tune that drips in golden sonics, the track slaps down the realisation that you deserve better than what you’re getting. It’s a powerful single with an important message: don’t settle for anything less.

Telling us more about the track, Nonô explains: “Honest is about feeling controlled in a relationship and then confronting the person that is making you feel this way,” she tells us. “It’s about the feeling of not being able to do anything without the other person feeling jealous, which leads to a lack of honesty just to avoid having an argument.”

Nonô’s trajectory is soaring. Her energetic pop anthems are creating a storm and we can see why. This is an artist that knows her own path and boy is she determined to prove she’s the best there is. “HONEST” makes Nonô one of the most exciting pop newcomers, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her very soon.

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