Nordic artist Heidrunna dazzles with euphoric pop number “Love Don’t Come Easy”

Icelandic newcomer Heidrunna releases her new single “Love Don’t Come Easy” alongside her debut album Melodramatic. A kaleidoscopic, synth-heavy pop single, the track explores the multicoloured universe of Heidrunna’s personal adoration of pop.

With a nod to the buoyant pop that anchored the 80s, “Love Don’t Come Easy” gives Robyn’s hooks a run for their money. Citing musical heroes like Blondie and Cyndi Lauper, there’s a common theme that dazzles with Heidrunna’s music: euphoria. Brimming with frenzied sonics and fusing woozy fluidity with crashing instrumentation, the latest single is an energetic number layered with lustrous vocals from Heidrunna’s impeccable lungs. Typically blooming from a writing session for Kylie Minogue – you can feel the Kylie-ness engrained within this track – “Love Don’t Come Easy” flows with such a freedom that rewrites the typical ‘ode-to-the-80s’ track and stands fiercely at the front screaming to be heard.

It’s clear that with this release, Heidrunna is keen to step it up a gear. Crafting such elegant yet fun pop tunes, the Nordic singer raises the bar to stratospheric levels. If her debut album doesn’t make you want to feel carefree and hit the dancefloor with your besties then you’re probably no longer breathing.

Melodramatic, the debut album from Heidrunna is out now.

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