Norlette’s “Stay” looks at love and success

Emerging R&B act Norlette shares one-off single “Stay” and serves as a precursor to her upcoming solo EP. The new project sees her teaming up with producer Jayson King who laces her with a surreal backdrop of soft keys, moody pads, and hard-hitting drums. Norlette paints a picture of late-night flights and the proverbial good life in this bittersweet new track release. 

“Stay” is a reflection of Norlette’s newfound confidence, and belief in her ability to manifest success or authentic relationships. She beautifully blends sultry melodies with uplifting tones.

The standalone single is a precursor to her upcoming EP, CareLess, which appeared out of an affirmation she wrote before bed one night, “If I cared less, I’d make it.”  She adds via email that “the title is a reminder not to put so much pressure on myself but rather savor the process.” 

Norlette’s have a unique path into the music. While first studying biology in college, she eventually switched schools to Hunter College in NYC to then pursue performing arts. She eventually got a big break while performing with fellow St. Vincent and the Grenadines singer Kevin Lyttle (of “Turn Me On” fame) and she hasn’t looked back since.

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