North-London artist Sami Nathan explores toxic love on anthemic track "LCD"

North-London singer-songwriter Sami Nathan narrates the tale of a toxic love on foreboding single “LCD,” underpinned by Nathan’s bold vocals and an anthemic rock n’ roll soundscape. Described by the rising act as a “story of tragic love,” the track brims with attitude and drama, brought to life by a layered guitar instrumentation.

Offering a winning combination of down-to-earth songwriting and celebratory sonics, Nathan’s latest foray weaves the bittersweet feeling of a love that’s inherently toxic yet addictive with vibrant rhythms in an easy show of her intricate artistry. Framed by messages of unity, love, and inclusion juxtaposed against a punchy, larger-than-life approach to her craft, Nathan manages to infuses nuances of delicacy into her pop-rock sound.

Having achieved acclaim with the summery stylings of previous release “Weekend,” the emerging act uses the cinematic sensibilities of “LCD,” to establish her versatile artistry which finds footing as her ability to connect with people meets her thrilling production skills.

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