Norus and DJ Whipr Snipr team up on 'Sportsgoth' EP

Nørus and DJ Whipr Snipr have teamed up to bring us a meaty electro release via DJ Whipr Snipr’s own Nerang Recordings. A label which boasts releases from the likes of Interplanetary Criminal, DJ Swagger, Subjoi and beyond, Nerang Recordings is a hotspot for boundary-pushing, electrifyingly fun dance music; this release is no different.

“Something Better” opens things up with a deeply hypnotic mix, lending elements from electro, breaks and beyond to whip up a piece that’s as emotional as it is enjoyable. Bouncy, energetic and just a hint nostalgic, “Something Better” has us dreaming of happier days. “Gravel Or Grovel” continues down the emotive road, marrying subtle synth work with otherworldly melodies and wormhole-inspired warps to transport us to a different dimension. Really clean work from the duo’s first collaborative crossover.

Taking us on a deep-dive through the weird and wonderful is “1000 Forward 5000 Back”. Mellowed-out, stripped-back electro done right, this is essential at-home listening. Whack it on and allow your problems to melt away. It's classy, refined and packs enough punch for the club — what else could you ask for?? Things are rounded off with the title track, “Sportsgoth”, featuring Chordata. An easy standout on an impressive record, all the components for the perfect electro track are rife in this one. Choppy, indistinguishable vocals, intense breaks and acid squelches all contribute to making "Sportsgoth" an extremely special track.

Sportsgoth can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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