Norwegian quartet Fred Paa Jord drop feel-good instrumental EP Syden & Beyond

Norwegian quartet Fred Paa Jord have returned with new EP Syden & Beyond, a collection of five tracks that journeys through a versatile array of psychedelic instrumentals. With a peaceful vibe running through a soundscape built on funky guitars and synths, the project is vibrant and feel-good in its simplicity.

Opening with the catchy beats of “Bysykkel,” the EP draws us in immediately with its dreamy yet refreshing production that smoothly switches to the groovy stylings of “Sommerfugler,” which provides a taster for the upbeat psychedelics of stand-out track “Bommer Pa Alt.”

Drenched in warmth and comfort, Syden & Beyond is a sonic reflection of the band’s ethos of minimalistic music which comes straight from the heart.The four-piece move from the hazy instrumentals of the first three tracks into a more electro-tinged style for title track “Synden & Beyond,” which soars in anthemic fashion before falling away into their signature brand of 70’s haze on final track “Gjengangere”. 

Channelling their versatility in music while staying true to the crux of the original artistic intention which began with a minimal microphone set up and eight-track cassette recorder, Fred Paa Jord whose name translates to “Peace on Earth,” derived from the title of a demo they recorded in the early days, inspired by the disappointment in the way humans treat the earth and others.

The quartet have struck gold with their ability filter any disappointments pushed forward by life through the blissful joy their music evokes. Based in Norway, Fred Paa Jord who initially started as a jamming affair between guitarist Anders Winsents and drummer Per Elling Kobberstad in early 2019 have grown well and quickly, crafting intricate,summery productions that swirl with peace, love and introspections that don’t need lyrics to make a powerful impact on listeners.

 Establishing the raw capability of understated instrumental music, Fred Paa Jord prompt more than one listen of this short, sweet and soothing production that marks another milestone on their journey to new heights of success.