Norwood explores leftfield experimental folk in unique new single “Hunger”

We love artists that break the mould, push boundaries of genres and try something different. This is certainly a glorious example of that, as “Hunger” by Norwood – showcases his distinctive songwriting and production style, blending alt-indie-folk elements with innovative electronic textures. Released as part of his forthcoming album, Rain is Always an Opportunity, the track is a testament to Norwood’s ability to weave complex emotions into his music. Known for his unique approach, the New Hampshire-based artist seamlessly integrates acoustic guitar with an electronic drum groove, creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

He explains that he “had tried making other demos, but they ended up being extremely esoteric (one was about the poet Ezra Pound, I think) and random. I had this melody stuck in my brain and the Sylvester the Cat phrase “sufferin’ succotash” in my head for some reason, and I was thinking about how similar the character was to Tantalus from Greek mythology, who was doomed to never eat or drink again. In a similar fashion, I felt (still feel) something that many people may relate to, which is a sort of spiritual or material hunger.” – Norwood

“Hunger” emerged just days before Norwood’s recording sessions with Jeremy Gustin and Ryan Dugre of Toth, capturing a spontaneous burst of creativity. The song’s lyrics delve into themes of spiritual and material longing, inspired by mythological and cultural references. Norwood’s introspective narrative is complemented by his raw, yet refined, vocal delivery, which was brought to life with the support of his collaborators. A compelling preview of his new album and a must-listen for fans of Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and Iron & Wine.

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