NoX Bizzy share some ‘Ideas Born Out of Boredom’

Emerging Brisbane artist NoX Bizzy might be green in the music industry but he is not afraid to embrace that fact. The indie artist is his true self, and even says that his primary objective is to get people to hear his music for what it’s worth. On his debut full-length project Ideas Born Out of Boredom, he gives us a tour into his life ranging from inner struggles, love, boredom amongst other things. The 9-track body of work sees him collaborating with producers such as  Jxck, ThatKidGoran, and Yung Nab with just one vocal feature by Hazari Wundalust.

The project opens up on a somber note with the song “Faded-on the intro” where Bizzy delivers a stream of consciousness performance laced with some insightful thoughts on staying focused and getting bills paid.  “Go Slow” is a guitar-driven upbeat song about taking time to smell the roses and maybe just focus on one-self for once. On “DEAF” Bizzy makes use of a soul/R&B backdrop and gives quite an engaging performance that includes a melodic chorus and a somewhat detailed exposition of his flaws.

Tracks like  “HxveHoodie” featuring Hazari Wundalust and “If You Say So” are pure bravado on wax with vibrant instrumentals and a whole lot of verbal jousting. On “Lies!” Bizzy goes into an introspective mode over lush nostalgia-inducing instrumentation while reflecting on the mistakes he made as he wades through this cesspool called life. The project closes out with two downtempo cuts “Blessings” and “Pasties,” that help conclude the man’s story. “Blessing” is a summary of all events and Bizzy takes note of his journey over a neo-soul instrumentation while “Pasties” has more of an experimental texture.

Ideas Born Out of Boredom in a way lives up to its title. It doesn’t go too deep and it’s far from being shallow either. Bizzy is just an everyday man having fun living and experiencing life while making music that reflects his timeline.

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