NTHNL debuts dreamy jazz-meets-electro-pop release “Cosmic Flute Rides Again”

NTHNL’s album Cosmic Flute Rides Again is a unique and captivating listening experience that combines experimental electronic beats, jazz-influenced rhythms, electro pop and the soothing sound of the flute to create a dreamy and otherworldly ambiance. The album is a blend of styles that is hard to categorize, but it’s clear that NTHNL has crafted a sound that is all their own.

The opening track,”Prelude (Cosmic Flute Rides Again)” is a dreamy and atmospheric introduction to NTHNL’s album of the same name. The track opens with a serene soundscape of ambient synth pads and gentle percussion, before the flute takes center stage. The flute melody is hauntingly beautiful, and it’s easy to get lost in the hypnotic sound. The production is clean and spacious, giving each element room to breathe and creating a sense of openness. Overall, “Prelude (Cosmic Flute Rides Again)” sets the tone for the rest of the album perfectly, and it’s a wonderful introduction to NTHNL’s unique and captivating sound.

The use of space in the production is notable on the album, as the various elements seem to swirl around each other, creating a sense of movement and progression. As the release progresses, the tempo fluctuates, and the beats becomes more prominent, adding layers of energy to the otherwise relaxing sound of the album.

“Full Spectrum” is a mesmerizing track that blends ethereal textures and intricate rhythms to create a sonic journey that is both captivating and immersive. The song begins with a pulsing beat and swirling synth pads, setting a hypnotic backdrop for the other elements to unfold. The flute melody is hauntingly beautiful and perfectly complements the atmospheric soundscape. The production is expertly crafted, creating a sense of space and depth that allows each element to shine. Overall, “Full Spectrum” is a stunning example of NTHNL’s unique sound and ability to create immersive and enchanting sonic landscapes.

The album’s production is excellent throughout, with each element given its space in the mix. The use of the flute is particularly impressive, as it’s often used to create a sense of atmosphere rather than being the sole focus of the tracks. The use of live instruments also adds a sense of warmth and humanity to the album, which is refreshing in a genre that can sometimes feel sterile.

The album overall showcases NTHNL’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly. The jazzy basslines and funky guitar riffs provide a foundation for the flute to dance around, while the driving beat keeps the energy high. The production on this release is exceptional, with each element given its space in the mix, creating a rich and dynamic sound.

Jacob “NTHNL” Rudin, based in Brooklyn, New York, is a classically trained composer and pianist turned multi-flutist, producer and sound-healing practitioner. Over the course of the past few years he has created electronic and acoustic music in a wide variety of contexts since 2012. Drawing on a rich sonic practice that involves experimental sound design, field recording, and virtuosic performances on a wide range of instruments, NTHNL is an intriguing project from the artist.

In conclusion, NTHNL’s ‘Cosmic Flute Rides Again’ is an impressive album that showcases the group’s ability to blend different genres into a unique and cohesive sound. The use of the flute and live instrumentation add a sense of warmth and humanity to the album, while the production is top-notch throughout. The album is a must-listen for anyone looking for something outside the box, and it’s clear that NTHNL is a group to keep an eye on in the future.

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