Nubya Garcia unveils stunning new album ‘Source’

Multifaceted saxophone prodigy Nubya Garcia has just released her latest album Source—an expansive jazz effort that showcases her undeniable talent as an instrumentalist as well as composer. This hour-long project is densely packed with intricate jazz grooves that hit fascinating peaks and valleys, cementing Garcia as a modern great of the genre. Source comes as her first full-length project since her debut Nubya’s 5ive from 2018, a big year that also brought her 4 track EP When We Are. It’s clear that Nubya Garcia’s craft has been delicately refined during her time off, as Source puts forth the most infectious and focused songs of her career thus far.

Though Garcia’s eloquent work on the saxophone is the star of the project, she’s still met with excellent accompaniment that is more than up to par. The majestic tracks on Source take their time to let the other voices breathe, with notable performances on the drums and keys. “The Message Continues” is an early highlight, as its chaotic landscape and steady grooves mimic a euphoric fever dream. There’s also the title track, which is a more dramatic croon that drips with ambition and awe.

The highlight of the album quickly presents itself with “Inner Game,” a quickly chugging epic that pulses with cerebral beauty. Nubya Garcia finds unique rhythmic pockets here that are truly stunning. Another standout on the later leg is “Before Us In Demerara & Caura,” which seeks to close out the tracklist with a bang. The song builds chaotically around Nubya’s wails, creating an excellent balance of tension and elegance.

Nubya Garcia’s talent is abundantly clear throughout Source, both as a solo instrumentalist as well as a composer that builds music around her collaborators. She knows when to indulge and when to take a back seat, and her comfort in these complex soundscapes is staggering. Furthermore, her raw technical ability is matched perfectly with her ability to craft compelling jazz music. No one can deny massive undertaking that she so seamlessly conquers at the helm of these songs; she is a truly fearless leader.

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