NYC act Eva Westphal evokes optimism on "Things Don't Fit"

NYC-based singer-songwriter Eva Westphal delves into the natural process of growing out of your old self on the coming-of-age anthem “Things Don’t Fit,” with a bold, powerful voice that carries a gentle acoustic guitar instrumental. Inspired by a seemingly ordinary moment of accidentally ripping an old prom dress, Westphal weaves a heart-warming message of gratitude to how much things have changed for the better.


Rooted in the concept that change can be daunting but good, the track sees her pay tribute to her own recovery from an eating disorder while connecting with listeners as she urges them to look back at all the ways they’ve grown and evolved. Framed by her classical training, Westphal’s pop sound is distinctly infused with a polished feel that sets her apart from many other 21-year-old talents.

Oozing a purity that makes us feel good about ourselves, “Things Don’t Fit,” is an exploration of who Westphal has become, a proud, independent, driven pop singer spurred on by her struggles and coming out of them. Showcasing an ability to bring nostalgia alive while still looking hopefully towards the future, the emerging act who has been writing her own songs since the age of 13 strikes a perfect self-confident balance, leaving us wanting more of the optimism she brings.

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