NYC songstress Sophie Fay unveils her impressive new EP, ‘Handle With Care’

As a music lover, there’s perhaps nothing more euphoric in this journey than coming across an exciting new artist. Think back to those times when you were sitting in your room, lights off, scrolling SoundCloud, and you came across an artist without a million plays. The cover art intrigued you, so you pressed play. What followed was 3-4 years of buying merch, scalping concert tickets and a bunch of post notifications. Hailing from New York City, be ready for rising artist, Sophie Fay to be that artist, as she releases her engaging new EP, Handle With Care.

Completely self-produced, Handle With Care is a 24-minute exploration through the mind of a young, but exciting new artist. Throughout the seven tracks, she establishes herself as a capable vocalist, as well as highlighting her enormous potential as a producer. Pulling sounds from almost every single genre, she creatively blends elements of Dance, R&B and Rock music throughout the journey, creating a array of different vibes and feelings. 

As for standouts from the project, “Time Zone,” “Partynextdoor,” and the Viko-assisted, “Euphoria” all have a case for top dog. Speaking to the quality of the EP, they all pale in comparison to, “FeelsInCheck,” the project’s source of pride. Penning a lyrically relevant record about staying in pocket with your feelings over somber, yet exciting production, she impressively showcases her creative range on this record. 

When speaking on the project, Sophie said, “Handle With Care exposes me and my feelings at our darkest. I might seem indifferent or even shy in real life, but in my music, I’m emotional to the point of wanting to scream at the top of my lungs because I feel too many contrary sentiments coursing through my veins at the same time, looking for a way out.” She continues, “Music is the only way of communicating those feelings to the world., and I just sincerely hope there’s others like me who can relate to that pain.”

You can listen to Handle With Care on Apple Music // Spotify

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