obli debuts with double A-side “Recourse / Hold You”

Fading off into obscurity, the impact of physical album releases still lingers. As technology has progressed, artists have almost completely shifted away from releasing music this way, a fact in which Ohio native obli now uses to his advantage, whether purposefully or not. The debut track is a difficult one for any artist, as it’s a declaration of your artistic direction. Rarely do artists offer up two singles as their opening salvo and “Recourse / Hold You” is a triumphant introduction to the many shades of this fascinating newcomer.

The jittery introduction of “Recourse” divulges his overall sonic palette, a sound that harmonises in the space between organic and synthetic; lifting elements of electronic, lofi and hip hop to name but a few. The rest of the track unfolds into a warm groove, reminiscent of a sound that might be rattling around your head on a lazy summer afternoon. Not straying too far from the themes of the previous track, “Hold You” is led haunting vocal chop, as the instrumentation builds around it towards a cacophonous crescendo and sudden end to an inspired debut.

In good company, “Recourse / Hold You” joins the modern powerhouses on the Foreign Family Collective roster.

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