Odelet seeks something “Unique” in her new single

West Coast-based, Detroit-born singer-songwriter Odelet is a multi-talented singer who composes her music from scratch. As a writer, producer and singer, Odelet pushes the envelope with a distinct and nonconformist style that takes elements from modern contemporary sounds, dark pop and eclectic improv jazz arrangements. Her latest release “Unique” is an aptly titled tune that showcases her distinct vocal runs, delivered in whispered fashion and laced with enthralling melodic runs and candid songwriting. Odelet takes audiences into her world with her vivid imagery of the human experience and the colourful emotional journey through which we all go through.

“Unique” is taken from Odelet’s forthcoming sophomore project PISCES PIE which will be released via her production imprint Everlasting Tape.

Check out her latest EP HUFFLEPUFF.

Recently, she also began making an experimental form of music visuals that have been selected for screening in more than fifty film festivals internationally and won numerous awards. This is truly a creator working without boundaries…

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