OFLO finds a new "Flexboy"

Emerging singer/songwriter OFLO finds a nice pocket with this upbeat summer jam titled "Flexboy."  She takes cues from tracks like Saweetie's "Back to the Streets", and Ariana Grande's"thank you, next" to craft this pop-infused R&B track that details a new way of flexing on a cheating ex. They say success is the best revenge but in this situation, getting a new man and showing him off is even better. The record is catchy and OFLO delivers memorable melodic runs to keep listeners locked in from start to finish.

"Flexboy" is actually deeper than just flexing her new boyfriend, it also imbibes the spirit of discovering oneself after a terrible breakup. The Bay-area singer subtlely implores anyone going through a similar situation to find that latent strength to pick themselves up and move on with grace and poise. OFLO is fully hands-on with her music, playing the role of songwriter, producer, recording, and mixing engineer for this tune.

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