Ohio rapper Chuck Brilliant unleashes his anticipated new album, 'The Road Added Pressure (TRAP'

Over the last few years, Ohio native Chuck Brilliant has been quietly building his career. Staying consistent through single releases and frequent features on tapes from his Chances Make Bosses teammates, Richie Bux, and Silent 313, Chuck became sort of an enigma. When he was seen, though, he always impressed, leaving fans and industry pundits alike anticipating a full-length album. Well, the wait is over, and was well worth the wait, as Chuck releases his highly anticipated debut, The Road Added Pressure (Trap).

Known for his painfully accurate takes on everyday life as a hustler, Chuck doubles down on that identity on TRAP. Comprised of 10-songs, the project effectively serves simultaneously as a semi-autobiography and an all-out showcase of ability. On the album's bookends, “Wolf,” and “Afterlife,” gets a bit more personal, ditching features and mainstream appeal to deliver poignant, necessary looks at who the artist is as a person. As his storytelling abilities develop, his lyrics are more likely to include personal tales about life on the road and intimate battles against the struggles of life.

Though Chuck might be at his best when he raps solo, like anybody, he’s even more exciting when he gets a chance to rap with his friends. Featuring collaborations from Silent and Bux, as well a rare guest verse from Mikey PX, Chuck spends time on songs like, “Kitchen,” and the perfectly titled, “Sha Carri” having the time of his life. Utilizing pristine production from PERFECT10, you can hear the sheer joy in Chuck’s voice as he goes bar for bar with the artists he’s deemed worthy.

In all, TRAP is the perfect debut for an artist that has been bubbling for a few years now. Be sure to check out the project above and get familiar with Chuck Brilliant and CMB.

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