okay(K) is feeling “Depressed”

NY singer/songwriter okay(K) returns to our site with a brand new single “Depressed,” a pop-infused alternative song that also has elements of bedroom pop with indie aesthetics. As the title says, the track deals with the delicate topic of depression and how it affects every aspect of one’s life.

Over a lively guitar-driven backdrop, okay(K) pours his heart and frustrations on wax with an emotion-filled performance. Armed with his off-beat melodic vocals, he gives a heart-wrenching performance with lines like “Going through a mid-life crisis/I don’t wanna kill myself/I’m still alive but I’m not a psychic/ it’s so dark, I feel lightened.”

The lyrics weave between dark themes but with some touches of hope as the singer still hangs on to any silver lining he can find and hopes his words can bring hope to anyone dealing with similar issues.

His debut album, CHUCK, was released April 9th, 2021. Okay(K)’s second album, God Wrap(s), a follow-up to his debut EP Lucy Wrap(s), was released on November 19th, 2021.Okay(K) released his third studio album, Today., on July 1st, 2022. okay(K) was recently featured on Tobi lou‘s album Live on Ice on the song “Delete My # Baby.”

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