Olive Louise shares timeless and dreamy “No Medicine” [Video]

New York singer songwriter extraordinaire Olive Louise has just shared her latest irresistible indie pop offering. Called “No Medicine” the song is shared alongside a quirky and visually stunning music video. The musician is known for her all encompassing songs, saying the things we all want to be brave enough to say.

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“No Medicine” is a sad yet deeply important narrative describing the trials and tribulations of life as well as the pain and suffering. This haunting and evocative theme is deeply personal to Olive who lost both of her parents at a young age, The song also discusses the realization that there is no cure or fix that will get rid of the world’s agony. Lyrics including, “There is no medicine / This is what it is / and everybody’s day moves on / How many people die just now? / How many people are half in half out? / Cause there is no medicine / This is what life is,” show this narrative. Sonically, Olive Louise’s angelic vocals run true paired with dreamy melodies and shimmery keys. Her music is like a warm embrace we all need and “No Medicine” is no exception. In the music video, Olive is singing in a variety of unique situations from being outside on a bed with a fire in the background, to an off kilter kitchen table with cats swarming and even a bathtub. The video is directed by Olive herself in collaboration with Barbara Safonkina and is the perfect accompaniment to the song.

Olive Louise has quickly made a name for herself with her genuine releases mixing chamber pop, folk, and dreampop. The artist has a refreshing image with a Victroian-like all natural look that is both fresh and timeless. Check out “No Medicine” now and follow Olive Louise to keep up to date with what’s next from this amazing artist.

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