Olivia Grace shares new single, "Space"

Rising alt-pop artist Olivia Grace returns with her newest single "Space," a punchy upbeat track enveloped in self-empowerment and delivered within a relatable narrative. The record dives into obtaining the strength in making a decision to change one's life when you feel you're in an unhappy situation and essentially implores listeners to find happiness within. "Space" has an airy and somewhat cinematic aesthetic that makes it dynamic in many ways. The punchy drums, slinky guitar arrangements, and cinematic textures all blend into each other in a seamless manner without disrupting the flow of the song. On the other hand, Grace delivers a somewhat hushed sultry melodic performance that grips the ears with their softness and alluring timbre.

The record serves as a return to form for the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter as it's her first release since her recovery from an intensive battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare and life-threatening illness, alongside multi-organ failure in 2020. A true survivor she is and now she is pouring all her experiences on wax from her bedroom studio. She recorded "Space" there while the production was handled remotely by a Paris-based production duo, Her Demons.  Olivia Grace is ready to enter a new space in her life, as she announces this will be the first single off her upcoming album. 

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