Olivia Grace's "Late Night" Musings

Olivia Grace's new single, "Late Night," embodies that dark-pop sound that the up-and-coming artist is known for. The song is the second release off of her upcoming debut album and serves as the perfect tease for her new body of work.

"Late Night" immediately puts you into a trance, as celestial synths under her delicate voice build into a shimmering chorus. It feels cold and haunting, until it turns into a personal delicate ending, where the focus becomes solely her voice. 

The song serves special significance to the singer. It marks one year after her intensive battle with Toxic Shock Syndrome and multi-organ failure. The resilience and strength radiate through her music, showing how lightness and darkness intertwine so easily. She adds in a recent press release, "It's about that feeling that creeps up late at night when your thoughts swirl and insecurities are hard to ignore."

The song was written and recorded in her bedroom, adding a feeling of intimacy and produced by the Paros-based production duo, Her Demons,  adding to the chilling vibe. They created the song without ever meeting each other in person.

Olivia Grace grew up in Baltimore, surrounded by music, and began writing at only eight years old. She now resides in LA with her dog Jesse. She's opened shows and tours for artists such as Devon Baldwin, Coeur de Pirate, CANNONS, Ninet Tayeb, along with many others.

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