Olivia Penalva charters new songwriting style on "Ex's"

Emerging Canadian artist, Olivia Penalva, drops fun-loving track “Ex’s,” an electro-pop offering which shines a light on Penalva’s effortlessly soaring vocals layered over swirling guitars, synths and a pulsing beat. Co-written by Penalva alongside Ryan Stewart and Tavish Crowe(Carly Rae Jepsen), the track sees her experimenting with her song writing as she swerves away from her signature intimate style, putting herself in someone’s else shoes by exploring experiences of being cheated on.

With a sultry but fun-loving quality, the intuitive lyricism that sees Penalva tap into her abilities as a story-teller is the highlight of the intricate bop as its relatable narrative connects with listeners. Accompanied by a carefully crafted music video, infused with the young musician’s charm and personality, “Ex’s” establishes Penalva’s constant artistic evolution.

Having made her first appearance on radio at the age of 14, there has been no looking back for this emerging star who found her life-long love for music transforming into a career founded on versatility, quickly going on become a viral act with critical acclaim to match as her presence in pop continues to solidify.

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