Olivia Prado x Mikos Da Gawd team up for “That Right There” [Video]

Olivia Prado grew up in the Bay Area but has also reached a global level with her eclectic musical taste and style. Inspired by Motown classics, and 90’s artists alike, Olivia blends a seamless mix of pop, and R&B with a unique futuristic soul vibe. She is currently signed to Text Me Records and also working on her forthcoming EP but in the interim, she shares her new single “That Right There”. The single is a collaboration between her and Soulection-affiliated producer Mikos Da Gawd, who helps craft the perfect backdrop for her.

Over the dreamy and nostalgia-inducing backdrop, Olivia taps fully into her sensual side and pours her all on wax with much gusto, the sultry and silky vocals take precedence and the evocative and unapologetic lyrics are also in tow, as she exudes her feminine strength in the face of a male-dominated society. The record is a statement and outlet of sorts for Olivia who uses it as a way to free herself of societal restraints on her sexuality.

The visual concept takes performance shots and a cinematic feel that captures Olivia in her element as she embodies her true self with seductive dance steps and eye-popping costumes. The retro-VHS aesthetics also stands out and gives the song that extra warm and nostalgic feel.

Olivia adds that the record was written and created in her bedroom, and the entire process seem transformative as she was able to fully express herself and explore who she really is.

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