Omoghéné’s new release “Already Mine” is an uplifting summer pop tune made to get us going

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Omoghéné is trying to push the envelope with an out-the-box musical style that challenges the norm. Growing up with Nigerian parents who instilled the Urhobo culture in her as a child helped shape her life as she totally embodies the true meaning of her name which means God’s Child in English. She has found her voice and since her 2019 debut release, she has been pushing her distinctively eclectic sound to the world. Her latest release titled “Already Mine” is a bright and bubbly tune that takes elements of Pop, Neo-Soul, R&B, and Dance. Over groovy drums, bright guitar plucks and summer-drenched chords, Omoghéné delivers a soul-stirring performance with lyrics that uplift the spirit of the listener. The verses have a mellow melodic run which rises to a plateau in the chorus section where the power of her vocals is fully felt. She embodies her inner strength and declares that what is destined to be hers will always be there.

A conscious spirit, she aims to not only entertain, but empower others by raising their awareness of themselves and their inner voice. She marches to the beat of her own drum by fusing together her culture and her faith to create a sound that is all her own.

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