ONEgWest and Keith Rice deliver new love ballad "Hear Me"

ONEgWest just dropped a new single featuring Keith Rice called "Hear Me", infused with fascinating vocals and guitar strings that tug at your soul.

Following projects like "G^2" and Produce, ONEgWest is best known for masterfully incorporating various instrumentation into his work. Dazzling melodies are strung together through the intricate use of pianos, guitars, drums, and many others. In his new single "Hear Me," drums and guitar strings are blended together to create a heavenly background. The unique beat sets the tone for these artists to lay their sharp vocals. Soothing R&B vocals deliver vivid love-laden lyrics through poetic words and intricate rhymes. ONEgWest's emotional lyrics undeniably leave an impact as Keith Rice also adds his own unique touch, delivering his own message of love that we can feel. 
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