Ophelia’s Eden continues her unique, synth-driven project with “Love Trip”

Ophelia’s Eden’s latest track “Love Trip” is a unique alt-pop gem that draws on elements of nu-disco, synthwave, and electronica through exquisite pop songwriting. Inspired by a psychedelic journey with her partner on New Year’s Eve, the song’s deep bass, and orchestral instruments create a feeling of warmth and openness that captivates the listener from start to finish.

As part of her upcoming debut album, Boundary Road, Ophelia takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection and growth, encouraging them to escape negativity and envision a better future. The album showcases her unique sound, which spans multiple genres, including electronic, synth wave, soul, and dream-pop.

With a passion for music that has been evident since the age of five, Her upcoming album is not only a reflection of her travels and living in a camper-van but also an exploration of mental health and freeing ourselves from beliefs that incarcerate our flow.

Love Trip starts with a deep bass that envelopes throughout the song as the orchestral instruments build and shine after the bridge. This emulates a feeling of openness and feeling the warmth of the world.” – Ophelia’s Eden

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