Ora Violet share biting sophomore single “Feel the Same”

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of conjecture over the topic of guitar music ‘dying,’ but it’s artists like the mysterious London-based trio Ora Violet that prove it’s not only still very much alive, but thriving if you know where to look.

“Feel the Same” is the groups latest follow up to their riotous debut “Honey, You Did It,” and adds another dimension to their retro-futuristic sound. With a sound as vividly colourful as their graphics, the three-piece siphon blistering ’70s proto-punk sensibilities through a versatile, unencumbered, modern rock lense.

Simple in concept, yet artfully masterful in execution, “Feel the Same” is defined by the breadth of the nonchalantly foreboding vocal, which harbours a distinct timelessness. Dutifully confrontational, the lyrical narrative spins a yarn on a stigmatised mire of modernity. The band outlined in an email press release that it’s “a story of mental struggle, of feeling unsatisfied despite having the perfect life on paper.”

With a brooding, slick, and addictive sound, the trio has our appetites suitably whet for the next chapter of more inspiring music.

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