Oscar Jerome ups the ante on latest single “Give Back What U Stole From Me”

If his latest single is any indication, Oscar Jerome is ready to explode on the international music scene. Known for his tasteful musicianship and organic grooves, the South Londoner’s newest release “Give Back What U Stole From Me” shows a fresh, unleashed side of his artistry with an unrelenting funk style and an impassioned message. The bumping new song is the most recent tease of Jerome’s forthcoming debut album Breathe Deep, which is set for release on July 10 via Caroline International.

As a major player in the thriving London music scene, Jerome’s band never lacks in talent and “Give Back What U Stole From Me” is no different. Drummer Ayobami Salawu of KOKOROKO, saxophonist Theo Erskine, bassist Jack Polley, and percussionist Crispin Spry do a masterful job in making every moment in the track count with minimal harmonic changes. Jerome’s guitar inflections round out the instrumentation, giving the track his unmistakable personal touch.

At the core of “Give Back What U Stole From Me,” though, are Jerome’s vocals that come roaring into the mix with equal parts stylish flair and biting commentary. In a press release, he remarked that the song was intended as a denouncement of “the greed and disgusting self-importance of bankers,” but in light of recent events, the message takes on an expanded scope. Hard-hitting delivery and an inescapable groove make “Give Back What U Stole From Me” a standout track from what promises to be a defining LP in Jerome’s journey.

Breathe Deep is available to pre-order here.

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