OSKA delivers a heartfelt ode to the simple pleasures in life with “Forever Blue”

Austrian artist OSKA reflects on the simple moments in life with her latest single “Forever Blue.” Doused in nostalgia, the heartfelt ode came to fruition during a spontaneous car ride with an old childhood friend, where in the midst of carefree fun and blasting music, all of OSKA’s worries seemed to melt away. As she describes the pure, unfiltered joy and living in the present moment, OSKA reminds us to stop, take a breath, and cherish the things in life that make us smile, no matter how small they are. 

Reminiscing on this free-spirited car journey, OSKA shares, “It felt like being children again; playing, goofing around, snoozing off in the car; not a worry in the world. This song is about reflecting on tough situations and realizations, like childhood endings. It’s also about friendship and the beauty of having people in your life who can make you feel at peace by something as simple as listening to music together.”

While “Forever Blue” features tones of melancholy and longing, it also twinkles with optimism and hope. The driving guitars and toe-tapping beat put a skip in your step, while OSKA’s soothing vocals encompass you like a warm, comforting hug.

Listening to “Forever Blue” will make you want to jump in your car, put on your favorite playlist, turn the volume up, and drive off into the sun.

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