Outcalls shares video for "Love To Fight" [Video]

Baltimore's operatic pop duo Outcalls are a sight to behold and their style of experimental pop caught our ears this week. Their song "Love To Fight" is a retro pop/funk tune that is nostalgic, heartfelt, and groovy in the same vein. Bolstered by slick cinematic synths, funky basslines, and dynamic percussion arrangements, the duo understood the assignment and deliver the goods.

From the layered harmonies, sultry melodic runs, and engaging lyrical stylings, "Love To Fight" keep things as dynamic as possible. The vocal and lyrical approach is nonconformist as well and their views on love, relationship sure gives listeners a new perspective. Even the title is a double entendre. The track sure has an interesting feel especially with its ebb and flows that give it an R&B type aesthetic but the mood changes as it switches into a frenzy near the chorus parts. "Love To Fight" is written and produced alongside fellow Charm City musician Micah E. Wood who help create the building blocks of the song.

The offbeat visual is shot by Jabari Jefferson and directed by Eric Wright Jr. who help channel the duo's unique style and present them in the most engaging way. The approach obviously has the 80s feel through and through while the set pieces and costumes all come together to make this visual as eye-popping as possible. 

Outcalls are made up of singers/songwriters  Britt Olsen-Ecker and Melissa Wimbish who are actually classically trained musicians but their love for all things pop drove them to create their unique style of genre-defying music. Their last album No King was released in 2017 and currently, they are working on their follow-up project slated for a 2022 release.

Get "Love To Fight" on all DSPs here.

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